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marshmellow copia_edited.jpg

Marshmallow night!

Entry for Bologna children-spectators 2021 competition

My entry for Bologna children-spectators competition 2021.

The aim was to create an illustration on the theme of children-spectators of performative event such as theatre, dance and music, in which the performer meets a young audience.

I imagined a group of young Boy-Scouts camping in the forest playing Shadow Puppets and on top of all marshmallow!

Technique used: Monoprinting for the background, acrylics, gouache, crayons, oil pastels, chalk, collage and digital for the details.


Version 1: Mono print, Acrylics, gouache, crayons, oil pastels, collage and digital  on Canaletto paper.

From top: Forest
bottom: Shadow Puppets.

Version 2.

marshmellow 2.jpg
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