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based on a foreigner's personal 

experience in the countryside.

Places of England

Personal Project

Personal project based on my personal experience as a foreigner visiting England and its costumes for the first time.


There are several places and costumes which I've fallen in love with since I first came to England that I illustrated with a series of images.

Church Hall, Crazy Clothes, Pubs, Boats on the River, Museum, and Wooden fence are just some of several illustration I made.


I tried to use different media for very illustration allowing myself to explore new technique and most of all have fun.

Technique used: Acrylics, gouache, oil pastels, pencils, collage, mono print, riso graph, screen print and digital. 

Church Hall - Acrylics, collage and oil pastel

Fence - Riso Graph

Museum - Acrylics, collage and pencils 

More to come...!

From top: Crop of Crazy Clothes
bottom: crop of Boats on the River.

church hall.jpg
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