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Personal Project

Discover vegetables has never been so fun!


Each season holds its secretes about what can be found, plant or harvested in a vegetable garden. Let's explore together!

A story book meant for those kids (around 3 to 6 y.o), who dislike vegetables and hate eating them. 

A book parents can read with their child and learn something about growing a vegetable garden in a different funny way.

My aim is to encourage them through colorful images following the tiny character adventures to look at greens with new eyes.   

This project started as a series of 4 books, each dedicated to one of the four season of the year. This one would be the Autumn vegetable party, what to eat and plant in Fall Season.

At the end of the book there is a brief section that illustrates what can be found in a vegetable garden over the Autumn. 


Personal Project developed over the MA in Children's book illustration. 

Seeking for publishing possibilities.

green 3 courgettes.jpg

Courgette Page

green 4 broccoli.jpg

Broccoli Page

cover 2 50x24,5.jpg

Front Cover

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Harvesting courgette


Cover Front/back

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