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The little fisherman

Personal Project

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a fisherman?

Personal project based on real experience and my own imagination.

This is the story of a little boy whose to become a fisherman as his Dad and Grandad before him. He's really reluctant about the idea as he hates the cold weather and rough sea typical of the North of Norway.

Perhaps the real experience might help him change his mind? 

The aim of this project is the encourage little kids to be open to new possibilities and try even those things they don't like.

Also is meant to be a celebration  of Norway's majestic landscapes and to spotlight the importance and hard work of a fisherman.

This picture book was originally realized for my MA project in Children's Book Illustration.

Seeking for publishing possibilities.

rooftop 2.jpg

Roofs in the night

Artwork is made by a combination of media.

Printmaking is the technique that I use the most, as I deeply love the freshness and pattern of this technique as well as the bright colors.

However, after several experiments and evaluation I decided to draw the details on top using acrylics, oil pastel, color pencil and chalk.




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snow final.jpg

Snow storm

boy copia.jpg

Fishermen at work


The little boy

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