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Concertina Books

The Endurance & Kon Tiki

 Personal Project

A men, his crew and an ocean of ice cracking around them. 

Shackleton and his attempt to cross the South Pole, an amazing adventure of bravery and exploration.

The Endurance

Is it possible to cross an Ocean on a wooden-raft?

That's what Thor and his companions are about to discover.

A story of sea and foreign lands.

Kon Tiki

These are concertina books, first realized during my MA in children's book illustration, meant for kids between 6-10 y.o.

My aim was to share my burning passion about adventurers and explorers with small kids in a simple, funny way, cutting off big chunk of text and therefore living more space for the images to talk instead. 

These two projects were my first attempts to Monoprint, especially the Kon Tiki, and therefore they are very dear to me.

However, since both stories share a completely different atmosphere I decided to use two different approach.

The Kon tiki is about the sea and warm lands so I wanted to have bright and  saturated colors. Realized with mono print, pencils and collage.

The Endurance is about ice and cold, stormy and rough sea so I figured muted colors would have suited best the purpose. 

Realized with pencils, acrylics, oil pastel and collage.

The Endurance
Kon Tiki

From top: Heyerdhal and Shackleton


Cover Display

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 Endurance 1.jpg
 Endurance 1 copia.jpg
 Endurance 1 copia 2.jpg
This page contains B/W roughs
kon tiki copia.jpg
kon tiki 2.jpg
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